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JPMorgan settles business dispute over bad debt collections

Maryland readers most likely already know that JPMorgan Chase is one of the largest credit card providers in the United States. Therefore, it should not be surprising that the company has been involved in more than one business dispute. One of the most recent disputes was with several states and the District of Columbia, along with the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFBP) over the company's debt collection practices.

Business dispute between Microsoft and Getty Images settles

When a company takes the time to copyright its materials, it expects other companies to honor that fact. However, companies accusing other companies of copyright infringement file numerous lawsuits around the country, including some here in Maryland. One such business dispute between Getty Images against Microsoft Corp. recently settled.

Craft brewery business dispute could be first to go to trial

There are thousands of breweries, distilleries and wineries spread across the country, including some here in Maryland. According to an attorney for a small brewery called Innovation Brewing, all of them share a limited pool of names. It is not difficult to imagine that a business dispute can arise when two companies share similar names, but so far, any such disputes have been resolved short of going to trial. However, a recent claim by one craft brewery against another might actually go to trial.

Business debt collection may benefit from legal intervention

More than likely, when you started your business here in Maryland, you expected it to be profitable and enjoy a steady stream of income. You provide a product or service to your clients and expect to be paid for it in return. Sometimes, however, clients fail to pay for the goods or services you provide despite your repeated requests. At some point, business debt collection efforts may need to involve legal action.

Injunction requested by Jamie Allen in business dispute denied

Lacrosse fans in Maryland may have heard of Olympian Jamie Allen and Long Island Express Lacrosse LLC. In Jan. 2005, Allen and four other people formed the limited liability company in order to coach pre-college lacrosse players, provide them with advice regarding recruiting and offer players and their families opportunities in the sport. Since that time, the company claims it helped 300 players get into various colleges, 200 of whom entered Division 1 schools. A business dispute erupted when the other four voted to oust Allen.

Will the Orioles and Nationals resolve their business dispute?

Maryland baseball fans may remember that the Nationals came to the area in 2005. When the team arrived, it cut into the television right fees the Orioles enjoyed from MASN, which is the predominant network that airs the local teams’ games. Therefore, a deal was made that gave the Orioles the lion's share of the right fees. That contractual arrangement ended in 2012, but the Nationals have yet to see their piece of the pie. Now, it looks as though this business dispute could end up in court.

Maryland cab companies in business dispute with Uber

There is some debate about whether treating someone or something fairly is the same as treating them equally. The nature of the individual or company often determines how things should be treated. There is currently a business dispute between a number of cab companies in Maryland and Uber, a ride-sharing entity.

Hershey in business dispute with Maryland's Senator Hershey

The dark brown candy wrapper featuring a block-style white typeface can bring dreams of chocolate contentment to many throughout Maryland. With just a simple glance, most individuals will quickly recognize the product as one of Hershey's chocolate bars. Hershey has now entered into a business dispute and filed suit against a Maryland Senator claiming that his campaign advertisement is too similar to their iconic trademark.

Using franchising agreements to increase business growth

Franchising agreements are one of the many ways that Maryland business owners can encourage positive business growth. Franchising is a common method of expansion and is often a lucrative choice. However, it is important that franchising agreements be beneficial to all the parties involved.

Franchising agreements an important part of automotive industry

Television, radio and even billboards throughout Maryland consistently entice the consumer to trade their current vehicle for a newer or simply different model. Both car companies and car dealerships expend a great deal of time and money in their efforts to attract the consumer. Currently, vehicles in Maryland are sold through car dealerships, many of which are established by means of franchising agreements.

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