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Department of Labor tackles confusion over the new leave policy

Whenever regulatory law changes, you may wonder how it impacts your company as well as how to respond. Many business owners view these changes as an impending headache; new laws can throw off budgets, require policy updates and distract from other important business matters. This problem is even worse if the law is not clearly written.

3 factors to consider when choosing your office location

Your business has finally outgrown your current office capacity. Maybe you were working out of your home or your team rented a studio, but now you have to figure out a long-term solution to allow your company to scale.

Improving relationships with difficult business partners

There are many reasons you got into business with your partner – you trusted each other's business acumen, one of you had the funds to support the other’s vision or maybe you were friends who liked working together. Regardless of the driving decision to form the partnership, there are many reasons it can turn sour.

Three tips to put together a smooth business succession plan

Putting together your own business is more than just a job. It represents more than a place to go to work, more than a career — it is a way of life. As such, planning for retirement or transitioning into another professional opportunity can be particularly difficult.

The sound of silence as another crowd-funded company falls

Prior to crowd-funding, budding inventors and entrepreneurs had to seek out people with enough largesse to provide necessary financing to make their ideas come to life. The advent of GoFundMe and other websites helped alleviate much of the heavy lifting.

Three tips for turning a 'side hustle' into a startup company

The commercials for Uber implore people to get their “side hustle on” as if it is a new idea, but people have been working side jobs for decades. But more people today aspire to turn their side hustles into startup companies. Even more common, these startups are created while an entrepreneur is working full-time.

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