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Will mandatory sick leave become a reality in 2017?

With the dawning of a new year, Maryland businesses face the prospect of a “common sense” measure that could become law. In December, Governor Larry Hogan announced a proposal to require paid sick leave, a bill that failed to pass the legislature in the past.

Entity formation requires careful consideration

Starting a business requires a plethora of decisions to be made. Many Maryland business owners would say that entity formation is one of the most crucial aspects of the process. The type of entity under which the company is formed could have a significant impact on its future.

Dealing with the issues that come with starting a new business

Maryland entrepreneurs are often so excited about the future that they might underestimate the number of potential obstacles that can arise. Starting a new business requires a multitude of financial choices that can affect the course of the business. Many of those choices might not be in the hands of the entrepreneur, so there needs to be some consideration of how to deal with unforeseen issues.

Don't underestimate what it takes to start a new business

Many Maryland entrepreneurs are lucky enough to embark on the adventure of starting a small business. However, it can be easy to underestimate the commitment that it takes from the owner and family members while the new business gets off the ground. Without proper planning, an entrepreneur could end up inadvertently sabotaging the company's chances at success.

Creating an online presence should be part of any business plan

With the technological advances of the past couple of decades, people spend more time shopping for goods and services online then at any other time in history. Thus, in order for a new -- or existing -- Maryland business to thrive, it would most likely need to take advantage of being online. This is why creating an online presence should be part of any business plan.

Structuring a new business with equity investors

Some Maryland entrepreneurs might want to avoid taking out a loan in order to get their businesses off the ground. Therefore, they seek out and partner with equity investors. Choosing how to structure a new business involving equity investors requires careful consideration.

Do not start a new business without first doing these 2 things

There is much more to starting a Maryland business then just diving head long into selling goods or services. Numerous issues need to be addressed and resolved before opening a new business. Two of the most important ones are to choose a name for the business and create a business plan. If these issues are not taken care of, the chance to succeed could be lost.

Starting a new business online

As the use of the Internet has increased over the years, it has changed the way that many people purchase goods and services. These days, most Maryland brick-and-mortar businesses have online presences in order to stay competitive. In some cases, it is no longer necessary for a new business to have a brick-and-mortar location. Many businesses are started online and remain there.

Creating an executive summary for a business plan

Setting goals, keeping track of progress and attracting investors are essential to the success of most Maryland small businesses. A business plan is where goals are set, along with identifying the path to meet them. It can be a powerful tool in finding people to invest in a business. However, many potential investors might not want to read the entire plan or understand the technical jargon. This is where an executive summary can answer questions about the business and entice the reader to delve deeper.

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