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A Maryland business dispute can arise for many reasons

No matter how well a Maryland business is doing, problems can arise. Some of those problems can result in a business dispute with other companies or individuals. These disagreements can occur for a variety of reasons, and each of them may require a different method of resolution.

Business dispute takes flight for NASA

Maryland residents may not be aware that companies in the private sector are clamoring for the chance to work with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.  As a result, NASA recently awarded two companies with contracts worth billions of dollars.  One company that bid on the contracts initiated a business dispute requesting that the awards be reevaluated.

Will the Orioles and Nationals resolve their business dispute?

Maryland baseball fans may remember that the Nationals came to the area in 2005. When the team arrived, it cut into the television right fees the Orioles enjoyed from MASN, which is the predominant network that airs the local teams’ games. Therefore, a deal was made that gave the Orioles the lion's share of the right fees. That contractual arrangement ended in 2012, but the Nationals have yet to see their piece of the pie. Now, it looks as though this business dispute could end up in court.

Maryland cab companies in business dispute with Uber

There is some debate about whether treating someone or something fairly is the same as treating them equally. The nature of the individual or company often determines how things should be treated. There is currently a business dispute between a number of cab companies in Maryland and Uber, a ride-sharing entity.

Hershey in business dispute with Maryland's Senator Hershey

The dark brown candy wrapper featuring a block-style white typeface can bring dreams of chocolate contentment to many throughout Maryland. With just a simple glance, most individuals will quickly recognize the product as one of Hershey's chocolate bars. Hershey has now entered into a business dispute and filed suit against a Maryland Senator claiming that his campaign advertisement is too similar to their iconic trademark.

Using franchising agreements to increase business growth

Franchising agreements are one of the many ways that Maryland business owners can encourage positive business growth. Franchising is a common method of expansion and is often a lucrative choice. However, it is important that franchising agreements be beneficial to all the parties involved.

Business dispute at Baltimore port has world-wide implications

Contracts and negotiations are a part of almost any business venture in Maryland. Sometimes, these documents are addressed amongst individuals and small groups. In other instances, they are a part of union activities. Over the past few months, a business dispute between Local 333 and the port of Baltimore due to labor issues has resulted in business disruptions and financial losses for numerous businesses.

Franchising agreements an important part of automotive industry

Television, radio and even billboards throughout Maryland consistently entice the consumer to trade their current vehicle for a newer or simply different model. Both car companies and car dealerships expend a great deal of time and money in their efforts to attract the consumer. Currently, vehicles in Maryland are sold through car dealerships, many of which are established by means of franchising agreements.

Famous fast food chain facing possible business litigation

The worldwide fast food chain McDonald's is facing more business litigation over hot coffee. Maryland readers may remember the famous case that gained national recognition over two decades ago when a woman sued after getting burned by overly hot coffee. Now, even after putting warning labels on all hot drinks, the food company appears to be facing more business litigation from another hot coffee lawsuit.

Maryland company involved in Starbucks business dispute

Like many other businesses, Starbucks relies on products it gets from choosing vendors. When those products are cause for customer complaints or prove to be potentially harmful, that could create a big problem for Starbucks in terms of their reputation and bottom line. This issue is at the center of a business dispute between Starbucks and two companies -- Wellshire Farms Inc. and Maryland-based Hahn Bros. Inc.

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