What can I do about a breach of my contract?

If you have an employment contract, you should expect some form of financial or legal obligation by which all parties must abide. However, in some cases, an employer may terminate your employment or violate your contract in some way or another, and it is left up to you to stand up for your rights or simply allow the breach.

If you believe that your employer breached some term of your contract, it is wise to speak with an experienced business law attorney. With professional counsel, you have all the tools you need to examine your contract to identify a breach and recommend an appropriate remedy. Professional legal counsel also ensures that you understand your rights and how to keep them secure as you navigate this difficult dispute.

How did the breach occur?

In order for you to receive any compensation or enforcement of the contract's terms, you must build a clear case that your employer breached your contract in some way. It is not enough to feel as though a particular action was not fair or in good faith. You must demonstrate the breach as well as the damages brought on by the breach.

This requires you to examine your contract in detail to find the specific clauses or terms that your employer violated. Once you find these, you can begin assessing the damages that the breach caused.

Did you lose important job opportunities or promised compensation? Were you simply fired in violation of your contract? You probably need to demonstrate clearly that the breach had some compensable effects in order to succeed in a breach of contract lawsuit. If you cannot demonstrate clearly how the breach harmed you, there are only meager grounds for a suit in the first place. If the only goal of your suit is to enforce the terms of your original contract, it is important to understand this at the outset.

Consequences of a breach of contract

Once you clearly demonstrate the breach and any damages, you can pursue remedies. These include:

  • Monetary compensation
  • Cancellation of obligations or restitution
  • Requirement for the offending party to perform services according to the contract

Don't hesitate to build a strong claim

Building a breach of contract claim may take time, but you only have a certain number of days or weeks to file a breach of contract claim. Be sure to use all the tools you have available to pursue a fair and just resolution to your contract dispute.

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