First Lady settles lawsuit with Maryland blogger

Maryland has made national news for a serious business lawsuit. Melania Trump, the current First Lady of the United States of America, has just settled a defamation lawsuit against a Maryland-based blogger. The defendant of the pending lawsuit settled shortly after a judge refused to throw out the lawsuit and the details are still undisclosed about the financial penalties. The blogger in this case, Webster Tarpley, chose to settle the lawsuit out of court for what lawyers are calling a "substantial sum" instead of taking the case through the courts. He likely did so on the advice of his attorney.

In this case, statements by the judge made it clear that he did not view the information published by the defendant as protected speech related to the campaign. That opinion would affect the likelihood of successfully defending against a defamation lawsuit. Settling eliminated the risk of a court order to pay even more by the courts. Business attorneys can provide advice and guidance about whether settling is your best option during a defamation or similar lawsuit.

Business lawsuits can destroy your company

If your company is facing a lawsuit for something serious, such as defamation, breach of contract or product failure lawsuits, you need experienced, aggressive representation. Loss of such a lawsuit could result in such serious damages and fees that your business is severely impacted, even destroyed. Massive companies, like Buzzfeed, lost a single lawsuit and ended up for sale.

If your company is facing a lawsuit, you need to find an attorney who has experience in business and corporate law.

You need to know that your attorney will do everything in one's power to help exonerate your company in a court of law. You should also be able to trust his or her judgment. If your attorney is telling you to settle due to a development in the case, you should be confident in the assessment, even if you don't agree with it.

An attorney helps level the playing field

Many times, judges and juries are more likely to be sympathetic to human plaintiffs than they are to corporate or business defendants. This can result in a bias that can be overcome by a skillful defense plan and an experienced business attorney. Don't risk the solvency of your business by going into a lawsuit without an experienced corporate attorney. He or she may be the only way you can effectively mount a defense against the lawsuit and the financial obligations it represents.

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