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Court rules Obama's salaried worker overtime policy went too far

Although the Labor Department says it followed the comprehensive administrative rulemaking process required by law when implementing President Obama's executive order, a federal judge has ruled that the administration's overtime policy for salaried workers unlawful.

Did the big banks and credit card companies collude on ATM fees?

When you grab some quick cash from an ATM, you expect to pay a fee. The size of that fee depends on whether the ATM is operated by your banking network or by a competitor. When you use a competing network, both that network and your own bank can charge you a fee. Of course, you might not have to pay any fee for money withdrawn from their own bank's ATMs. Are those rules clear enough?

Don't let patent infringement damage your company

There may be few things more frustrating for a business than discovering that someone else is using your patented invention for his or her own financial gain. Another company may be selling a product or offering a service that uses a device your company designed and manufactured. It may not be identical, but if the similarities are striking enough, you may have cause to claim patent infringement. Patent infringement is a federal crime, and it can damage your business. 

Blood testing firm Theranos faces suits by Walgreens, Partner Fund

Theranos was once considered a superstar startup in Silicon Valley, attracting a number of hotshot venture capitalists to its board. Founded in 2003 by Elizabeth Holmes, the company's mission was to develop a solution for quick blood testing that required only a drop or two of blood. The idea was great, and that, along with all the attention and board expertise, got the company a valuation of around $9 billion.

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