Woman alleges illegal business practices by car dealership

Buying a used car in Maryland or any other state can be a nerve-wracking process. Because the vehicle was pre-owned, there is no way to guarantee that the vehicle was properly taken care of by the previous owner or owners. Adding to that is the fact that used car sales people have the reputation of using illegal business practices to sell cars -- even though most are just trying to make a living and are not deceitful.

A woman from a neighboring state is convinced that she was defrauded when she purchased a used car from a dealership in her area. When she was shopping for the vehicle, it was listed as "certified pre-owned," which is a testament to its condition. Even so, she claims that when she took it for a test drive, the vehicle had a shimmy.

The sales person told her that it would be given an alignment prior to her taking it off the lot, and that should fix the problem. She accepted that and purchased the vehicle. She claims that the problem persisted, and that only after numerous alignments and unevenly worn tires, was it brought to her attention that the vehicle had been in an accident. She claims that the dealership did not disclose the accident and that the vehicle should never have been part of the "certified pre-owned" program.

It will be up to the court to determine whether the woman's allegations are true. However, just because she made those claims does not mean that they are valid. Many Maryland businesses end up having to defend their products and services when a customer is unhappy with a purchase and accuses the company of engaging in illegal business practices. In a case that could come down to what an employee told a customer, it would be best to have the guidance and assistance of counsel to ensure that the company receives the best outcome possible.

Source:, "Motorist accuses car dealer of fraud, breach of contract", Robert Hadley, April 21, 2016

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