Tailored Corporate Law Services

Our attorneys at the office of Daniel S. Willard, P.C., represent entrepreneurs, companies, investors and business executives running their internal operations. We are here to help your small and medium-sized business comply with the evolving regulatory and corporate governance landscapes.

We have helped clients with corporate law matters in many businesses in Maryland and the District of Columbia, including biotech, construction, franchise, health care, internet, real estate, restaurant, retail, technology and telecommunications businesses.

Our Corporate Law Practice Areas

  • Incorporation: In addition to helping you with your Articles of Incorporation, we'll step you through the process of registering new corporations, partnerships and limited liability corporations (LLCs).
  • Shareholder and member agreements: Attorneys may ethically represent only one person at a time. Within that responsibility, we draft agreements between shareholder in a corporation and agreements between members of a limited liability company and between partners in a partnership.
  • Corporate governance: We help the directors, officers, shareholders and/or members run the business in accordance with the charter documents, such as articles, bylaws and operating agreements
  • Directors' and officers' liability: A qualified business attorney can help you craft the agreements governing the diligence and responsibilities of company directors, officers and managing members.
  • Corporate investigations: What does a corporate board need to do when one or more shareholders are accused of misconduct?
  • Mergers and acquisitions and business combinations: Mergers, sales, auctions, purchases and acquisitions require finesse and skill. Our precise contracts are designed to protect your company's investments and assets.
  • Employment and management agreements: We create and interpret employment and management agreements to cover every business need and potential contingency.
  • Partner and shareholder disputes: Our corporate lawyers are adept at dealing with the conflicts that can arise between partners or shareholders. We'll facilitate negotiations, assist in communication, and craft new documents or agreements to help resolve the dispute.
  • Employee claims: Employment law can be hazardous for those who are not trained in the law. At Daniel S. Willard, P.C., we understand federal and state employment laws, including discrimination and retaliation (EEOC) claims, overtime, wage and hour (Fair Labor Standards Act) claims and Department of Labor (DOL) investigations and claims.
  • Business litigation: If a business lawsuit is imminent, having our proven litigation team in your corner is a huge asset. We'll do everything in our power to achieve a court win or a settlement in your favor.

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