Representing Clients In Complex Business Litigation Issues

No matter how fairly and conscientiously you conduct your business affairs, conflict with suppliers, competitors, customers and employees is sometimes unavoidable. When a financially significant dispute arises, the outcome may determine the success and sustainability of your company. The path to resolution you pursue can have a profound impact on you personally as well. It is critical to have aggressive, ethical legal counsel on your side.

Deeply Experienced, Ethical Maryland Business Lawyers Who Fight To Win

Based in Bethesda, business litigation attorneys at our firm represent small, medium-sized and large companies that are facing a broad range of problems and legal challenges. Our experience covers the spectrum of prosecution and defense of lawsuits in the state and federal courts of Maryland and the District of Columbia. We fight hard, and we fight to win in matters such as:

  • Lawsuits against customers for nonpayment and other high-dollar business debt collection matters, primarily in disputes over more than $100,000
  • Defense of business clients against customer lawsuits involving alleged product defects or service failures
  • Lawsuits against suppliers whose nonperformance under applicable contracts disrupt our clients' supply chains and business-critical activities
  • Lawsuits against competitors, including former employees, that engage in illegal business practices such as tortious interference with a contract, defamation, or theft and misuse of intellectual property
  • Lawsuits alleging breaches of various types of contracts, including noncompete agreements and franchising agreements

Our lawyers have also proven their strengths in many matters of corporate law and litigation, including complex disputes between owners, directors, officers and shareholders. For answers to some common questions and exploration of key distinctions, we encourage you to visit our Business & Corporate Law FAQ page.

We analyze, investigate, research and prepare our cases diligently. Our constant mission is loyal, all-out representation of the right side in business disputes. No case is too complex, and we cannot be intimidated by the power, wealth or tactics of any opponent. Whether your case ultimately goes all the way through trial or can be settled through negotiation, mediation or arbitration, your lawyer will be in the trenches with you every step of the way.

Montgomery County Business Tort Litigation

Has your company suffered business losses from what seem to be unreasonable actions by another company or individual, maybe a competitor? Attorney Dan Willard at our Bethesda, Maryland, law firm Daniel S. Willard, P.C., can evaluate your factual situation and advise you regarding whether you have a claim for a business tort. Call Dan Willard at 301-424-1177 for a free in-office consultation concerning business tort litigation.

Tort litigation is a broad legal area of what is called "tort law," which covers the duty to avoid causing harm to another. Business tort litigation includes the following:

  • Defamation, including libel and slander, on the part of a business or an individual
  • Unfair competition
  • Tortious interference with your contracts
  • Tortious interference with you business relationships
  • Trade secrets
  • Predatory pricing
  • Products liability
  • Fraud

Our attorneys have the skill, the knowledge and the commitment to aggressively represent and defend clients in claims for defamation, infringement, business interference or other business torts.

Montgomery County Breach Of Contract Litigation

Contracts are inescapable and necessary to business operations. Almost any established business has contracts with customers, suppliers and venture partners. Business is more efficient with certainty, and contracts are often intended to generate certainty. All too frequently, contracts are breached and you are faced with a loss of certainty, an increase in expense and problems with others in your interlocking business relationships.

Breach of contract essentially refers to the failure to fulfill the terms of a legally binding agreement. If you have suffered a serious financial loss as a result of an individual's or a business's failure to perform an agreed-upon service, provide agreed-upon goods, or pay for goods and services you have provided, you may be entitled to damages.

At Daniel S. Willard, P.C., in Bethesda, Maryland, we have successfully brought breach of contract business litigation cases for clients in a wide array of breach of contract matters.

Handling A Wide Array Of Contractual Disputes

Our attorneys handle most breach of contract lawsuits, including those resolved through arbitration and those resolved in Maryland and District of Columbia state and federal courts. We are prepared to handle a wide variety of claims on behalf of individuals and businesses, including:

  • Sales agreements

  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)
  • Employment agreements

  • Exclusive supply agreements
  • Real estate purchases
  • Commercial lease agreements
  • Loan agreements

  • Independent contractor agreements

  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Nondisclosure agreements
  • Commercial construction contracts

  • Residential construction contracts

  • Sales of businesses
  • Sales of business stock

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