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Every growing business, and every business under market stress, needs effective legal support in complex business law matters. As a business grows, and as times change, the legal requirements for doing business change. Having Maryland business lawyers dedicated to providing you with sound legal counsel, in even the most tenuous markets, builds a stronger legal foundation that strengthens the rest of the business.

At Daniel S. Willard, P.C., our business lawyers in Bethesda strive to provide our clients with sound and proven legal counsel. Our clients have a dynamic vision of seeing their businesses flourish. We offer comprehensive legal assistance and representation in a variety of practice areas related to business law. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

Practice Areas:

  • Business litigation — We represent clients in business law disputes requiring aggressive, effective litigators.
  • Business formation and transactions — Working with entrepreneurs and new companies to legal form the legal business entities that they choose as the vessel from which to run their business (from corporations to LLCs to LLPs to partnerships) as well as the business strategies and plans aimed at achieving long-term success.
  • Contract drafting and negotiation — Helping businesses agree on the terms of operations with third parties, such as customers, business partners and suppliers.
  • Shareholder disputes — Intervening on behalf of clients involved in disputes related to buying and selling between shareholders and business partners and directors.
  • Breach of contract — Helping businesses deal with nonperformance, nonpayment, or delayed performance issues. There's more information on the court process for contract breach litigation on our business law FAQ page.
  • Nondisclosure and noncompete agreements — Ensuring that prospective and actual employees, independent contractors and business partners do not misuse inside knowledge gained from you to do you harm.
  • Mergers and acquisitions (buying and selling businesses) — We help businesses in the growth phase to acquire compatible or competing businesses. We help sell your business to a third party when you feel the market is right or an exit strategy is required.
  • Employment contracts — Drafting employment contracts for companies wishing to hire key prospective employees, including nondisclosure, noncompetition and trade secret agreements.
  • Copyrights and trade secrets — Protecting the intellectual property and life blood of your business.
  • Business licensing Helping with licensing of 24-plus business occupations and business professions requiring licensing by the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.

Contact our Maryland and D.C. business lawyers at Daniel S. Willard, P.C., today for more information. Call us at 301-424-1177 or use our online contact form to get in touch with us. We offer a free initial consultation.

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