Tailored Services In The Area Of Banking Law

At the office of Daniel S. Willard, P.C., we provide representation to banks that need local representation in the workout or litigation of commercial loan agreements. We do not accept residential foreclosure cases or credit card collections.

Our attorneys use more than 25 years of experience handling the below aspects of banking law for clients in the Bethesda, Maryland, and D.C. areas:

  • Bank laws: Let us follow the banking law basics for you so you can focus on your core banking duties.
  • Bond claims: Learn more about enforcement or defense of Miller Act and Little Miller Act bond claims to get you paid.
  • Breach of loan agreements: In good economies and bad, borrowers breach loan agreements. We can help revise your loan documents to increase the enforceability of these documents.
  • Building construction contracts: We work on building construction contracts, both from the construction law perspective and from the real estate perspective. We have also worked on lease buildout contracts, commercial lease and mall leases.
  • Commercial debt collection: See our Commercial Debt Collection page for more on debt collection.
  • Commercial real property: When commercial real estate is all or part of the collateral for a default on a loan
  • Confession of judgment: Maryland still accepts the execution on confession of judgment notes in nonconsumer cases. We have obtained an unpublished decision from the Maryland Court of Special Appeals affirming the enforceability of a client's confession of judgment agreement.
  • Default on loan: When there is a default on a loan, we pursue the commercial borrower.
  • Enforcement of judgments: We have found assets no one else had been able to find.
  • Land acquisition and sale: We can help with the loan documentation and negotiation of commercial real estate transactions.
  • Lien claims: Talk to us about construction law enforcement or defense of mechanic's lien claims to get you paid.
  • Loan fraud: Sometimes, a default on a loan is the first evidence of loan fraud.
  • Mortgage default: When there is a mortgage default, we sue for the underlying default on a loan and to enforce the recorded liens or judgment liens against collateral of the borrower who caused the default on a loan (except as to consumer borrowers).
  • Aggressive representation: We will not act unethically, but we will press our clients' claims to the fullest extent of the law
  • High-stakes litigation: We have made the difference between profitability and regulatory intervention.
  • High-dollar debt collection: When the outcome matters to you, the attorney you have matters most.
  • State and federal courts: Handling case in both state and federal court whenever necessary

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