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HEADS UP!!! Spammers use attorneys' websites -- and fake email addresses based on those website domain names -- to seek to threaten them into paying the spammer money or otherwise doing something that helps the spammer and hurts the victim. There is nothing the law firm can do to prevent the spammer from typing the firm's domain name into a fraudulent email to seek to get you to call, email, text, whatever.

If I publish on this website the names of spammers who I think are using our domain name, search engines may pick up that information, link this website to the spammer and thereby give the spammer an appearance of even greater credibility.

If you receive what seems to be an odd, poorly spelled, poorly worded email, making unusual requests or demands, please call me at the office number listed on this website and let me know of your call. Feel free to send me any questionable email so I may verify for you whether it is from this office or not. Please put "spam alert" in the email's subject line. Please send the email that misuses this office's domain name to or to

You might also want to look at this page, which has some general information about the perils of the internet. Click Here

/s/ Dan Willard

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